The Multifamily Immersion Presented by Viking Capital

A fully immersive, live experience providing all the tools necessary to build your multifamily syndication business from the ground up. 

What You’ll Learn

Syndication Basics | Deal Underwriting | Branding & Marketing | Launching Deals
Property Management | Investor Relations | Property Tours

Event Basics

Atlanta, GA | JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead
September 16 – 18, 2021

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What’s a Syndication? 

Real estate syndications are essentially group investments. Rather than investing in and managing a rental property on your own, real estate syndications allow individuals to invest passively, alongside dozens, and sometimes hundreds, of other investors. Together, the group invests in a commercial asset like an apartment community to earn monthly income from rent and the proceeds from the eventual sale of the asset.

Can I syndicate real estate deals of my own? 

Yes! Real estate syndicators do the heavy lifting for their deals and their investors, but they also reap heavy rewards!

Between fees and appreciation of assets, we can think of several reasons (some above seven figures) why syndicating your own deals could be a pathway to financial freedom. 

The Two-Day Event

Viking Capital has planned a power-packed, two-day experience focused on laying the foundation for understanding the pillars of building a real estate syndication business. We are featuring seasoned commercial real estate and syndication professionals, as well as Viking Capital team members to educate you on key areas you need to know in order to get off to a good start in building your syndication business. 


Deal Underwriting

From assessing markets to sourcing your first deal, figuring out if acquiring an asset makes sense takes extensive research and realistic financial modeling. 


Branding & Marketing

Getting your name (and your lease-worthy assets) out there is the goal of nearly every type of business. Real estate syndications are no different. We’ll lead extensive sessions to explore the foundation of creating a winning brand.


Launching Deals

Launching your first deal is an amazing milestone. But you have to be able to raise equity! We’ll walk you through how to tap into your network to pursue the investment dollars needed to purchase the asset you have your eyes on. 


Property Management

You’ve raised the capital and purchased the asset! Now you have to optimize cash flows and maximize occupancy. We’ll delve into the keys to property management for successful outcomes that will keep your tenants and investors happy.


Investor Relations

You’ve raised and closed on your first deal? That’s great! Now you must tend to your new best-friends-in-business, your investors and partners. What do investors expect from syndicators? What do they need? What is needed to maximize tax benefits? We’ve got you covered.


Property Tours

Viking Capital got its start in Metro Atlanta and holds several multifamily assets in the surrounding area. We’ll tour three properties that all went through our full syndication process and share how to tour, inspect and determine if an asset is right for you and your investor base. 

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Atlanta, GA | JW Marriott Atlanta Buckhead
September 16 – 18, 2021

Reserve a Room on Our Room Block

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Learn how to create truly passive income through the power of real estate investing.

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