Replay Our Event: Simple Steps To Go From Busy Physician To Financial Freedom

About this event

Hosted by Viking Capital, Simple Steps To Go From Busy Physician To Financial Freedom is designed by doctors giving you access to the knowledge and experience of experts in productivity, active and passive real estate investing, tax efficiency, side hustles, and more! This event will provide strategies to increase your net worth and simultaneously free more of your time to spend pursuing your passions with your family and friends. Speakers will teach you how to achieve what you may now think is unachievable, such as 2-5X your passive income, building your dream job using the same business strategies as America’s top businesses, and mindset and vitality guides to ensure you are running at a full tank at all times.

Who is this for

Simple Steps To Go From Busy Physician To Financial Freedom is specifically for Duke Physicians and other Triangle High-Income earners looking to create their ideal life by building wealth and abundance. If you are a doctor or high-income earner tired of trading time for money, with a high net income but low net worth, and still waiting to “get ahead”, this is for you!


Ankeet Adani

Investor Educator

Ankeet Udani is an anesthesiologist, educator, and international speaker. He has completed training at Stanford, Johns Hopkins, UPenn, and Duke. As an academic, he has published best practices to educate physicians. He has mentored many doctors to excel in their careers, wealth, and wellbeing. Dr. Udani serves as Viking Capital’s Investor Educator as well as the COO and Integrator at Limitless MD by Vikram Raya. He lives in Raleigh, North Carolina with his wife, Annie and their two kids, Aiden and Asha.

Chris Parrinello

Director of Investor Relations

Chris Parrinello is the Director of Investor Relations for Viking Capital. In this role, Chris leads the Investor Relations team and is involved with the overall investment strategy and communication with investment sources to capitalize the multifamily acquisitions of Viking Capital. Previously, Chris held roles as the Director of Capital Markets of PIA Residential in Miami, Fl and as the Managing Director of California Golden Fund in Los Angeles, CA. In these roles, he has managed the capital raising efforts of over $250M in private equity funds from Family Offices, RIAs, high-net-worth Individuals, and foreign investors.


Ravi Gupta, MD

COO & Co-Founder of Viking Capital

Ravi Gupta, MD is COO and co-founder / managing partner of Viking Capital Investments, a boutique multifamily investment company, a proud father of two, a physician, and a Philanthropist and Environmentalist. He has helped numerous physicians break free from their “golden handcuffs” by creating passive income streams through multifamily syndication investments so they can enjoy financial freedom by growing their wealth and live a life focused on their passions.

Vikram Raya, MD

CEO & Co-Founder of Viking Capital

Vikram is a trained cardiologist and functional medicine physician. He is an international speaker, high-performance coach, and avid real estate investor.  He has been active in multifamily real estate since 2015 and is a Founding Partner and CEO of Viking Capital Investments. Vikram has raised over $180 Million in private equity from high-net-worth individuals, doctors and other professionals around the country who want to achieve true wealth and diversify their income.  He also is the recipient of the prestigious Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award on Wall Street. Most recently, he’s made the Inc 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the US.