Prescribing Wealth: A Doctor’s Guide to Multifamily Riches


28 minutes

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Prescribing Wealth: A Doctor’s Guide to Multifamily Riches

About this podcast

Join us on this exciting episode of Real Estate for Medical Professionals Podcast as we sit down with Dr. Tom Burns, a retired orthopedic surgeon turned real estate tycoon. Discover how Dr. Burns ventured into multifamily real estate, managing dual careers, achieving financial independence, and scaling his portfolio to over $650 million. Learn about the financial challenges doctors face and how they can overcome them. Get valuable advice on investing in multifamily syndications and gain insights into market opportunities from Dr. Burns’ vast experience. Don’t miss this enlightening discussion!

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Key takeaways

  • Tom Burns most impactful financial information he’s ever recieved.
  • Where the market is headed.
  • Advice for doctors or other high income professionals wanting to start investing in multifamily syndications
  • How can doctors with limited time still take part in syndication deals.