Optimizing Your Portfolio for Maximum Returns and Minimum Headache


24 minutes

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Optimizing Your Portfolio for Maximum Returns and Minimum Headache

About this podcast

Join us for an insightful deep dive into the world of real estate investments with Viking Capital. In this video, we explore their investment strategy, due diligence process, operational improvements, and much more. Discover the key factors that influence their decisions and learn how they create value through renovations and cost-efficiency. Explore the critical metrics they use to gauge asset performance and find out when the optimal time to refinance or sell an asset is. Plus, gain valuable insights into diagnosing and turning around underperforming assets and handling distress situations. Lastly, find out how Viking Capital minimizes downside risk through robust risk management practices. Whether you’re an investor or simply curious about real estate, tune in now and level up your real estate investment knowledge!

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Key takeaways

  1. Assessing Property Alignment: Viking Capital focuses on assessing whether a property aligns with their investment strategy and goals during the underwriting process. Key deciding factors are discussed to determine if a property fits their portfolio.
  2. Due Diligence Priorities: During due diligence for multifamily acquisitions, the podcast explores the critical elements that Viking Capital prioritizes. The shift from evaluating what would make them want to buy a property to what would make them not want to buy is a key consideration.
  3. Operational Improvement: After acquiring an asset, the podcast delves into the operational areas that Viking Capital initially focuses on for improvement, highlighting their approach to enhancing property performance.
  4. Value-Add Strategy: Listeners gain insights into how Viking Capital creates value-add strategies for property renovations and repositioning. Factors that determine the scope and budget of these projects are discussed.
  5. Efficiency and Expense Reduction: The podcast discusses methods employed by Viking Capital to enhance efficiencies and reduce operating expenses at multifamily properties while maintaining quality standards, addressing the balance between cost savings and maintaining property value.