Asset Protection with Jonathan Evans

May 24, 2023

32 minutes

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Asset Protection with Jonathan Evans

About this podcast

If there’s one thing we could imbibe from the lives of top investors, it is that we must plan our  finances properly. We’re joined by one such investor, Jonathon Evans, on this episode. As an  experienced attorney at Anderson Business Advisors, he tells us the importance of proper planning to achieve financial security, reduce taxes, and protect assets.

Jonathan advises us on the potential pitfalls and recommends structuring investments through limited liability companies (LLCs) to provide asset protection and separate personal and business assets. He emphasizes that owning investments through an LLC shields personal assets from potential legal claims and highlights the significance of selecting the right state and obtaining correct documentation. He also delves into tax planning strategies, highlighting the differences between earned income, passive income, and portfolio income. Jonathan tells us that not all types  of income are taxed equally and mentions that the wealthy often select the most advantageous.

This podcast conversation teaches us how continuously investing in real estate and utilizing tax breaks can provide ongoing tax advantages. When properties are sold, the income can be reinvested into new properties through the same LLC, allowing for ongoing tax benefits.

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Key takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • Proper planning, including structuring investments through LLCs, is crucial for financial security and asset protection.
  • Selecting the right state and obtaining correct documentation are important when setting up LLCs.
  • Avoid common mistakes like grouping risky investments with others in the same LLC.
  • Real estate investments offer tax advantages, such as cost segregation and rapid depreciation.