Creating A Strong Exit Strategy With Dan Handford

March 1 2023

42 minutes

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Creating A Strong Exit Strategy With Dan Handford

About this podcast

Purchasing a property without considering an exit strategy is risky. Therefore, when analyzing a potential investment, you must evaluate the proper exit metrics and discover how to project the correct exit. To help us navigate this space, today’s guest is Dan Handford.

Dan is the founder and managing partner of, with over a billion in assets under management. He is also the founder of Multifamily Investor Nation, which educates participants on investing appropriately in multifamily assets. In addition, Dan has an extensive and successful background in starting multiple seven-figure businesses from scratch, including a large group of non-surgical orthopedic medical clinics in South Carolina.

In this episode, Dan shares his expertise about the various exit strategies available for real estate investors, how to choose the right one and what questions to ask before investing in a new asset. Whether you’re a new investor or a seasoned pro, this episode is packed with valuable information to help you navigate the world of real estate investing and plan for a successful exit.


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“You always have to have that exit in mind. You shouldn’t ever buy anything unless you’ve already counted what it’s going to take to exit it.” 

-Dan Handford

Key takeaways

  • Multifamily Investor Nation conventions organized by Dan
  • Why the exit for a property is important and when to start planning it
  • Different exit strategies
  • Speaking with investors about exit timelines
  • Paying attention to cap rates
  • What to ask as an investor before buying a property
  • Market shifts and how to act
  • Challenges that may occur with exit strategies