Economic Update with Greg Dickerson

May 24, 2023

32 minutes

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Economic Update with Greg Dickerson

About this podcast

What investment options must we leverage for maximum financial growth? Greg Dickerson,
our guest for today’s episode, centers today’s conversation on that very aspect. We discuss the
importance of carefully analyzing real estate deals based on factors like cash flow and low cost
basis to identify opportunities that make financial sense and offer potential returns.

Greg also discusses the timing of investments. He advises us about exercising
caution until the end of the year or early next year to assess the unfolding economic conditions.
This would help us make informed decisions and navigate potential risks or uncertainties in the
market. We also touch upon different investment avenues, including the stock market, crypto
markets, and AI investments as these may hold potential opportunities for investors.
We also discuss the concept of artificial superintelligence and its potential implications.
Greg pinpoints the need for thorough analysis, careful consideration of timing, and a focus on
areas with potential for growth and long-term impact. By applying these principles, we can
navigate the market, identify investment opportunities, and position ourselves for potential

Just understand where we are in the cycle of peaks and valleys when the economy is running hot,
you’ve got to slow it down and cool it off when the economy’s running slow, you’ve got to speed it up and stimulate.” – Greg Dickerson

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“We only have so much limited time, energy, and money. So, how do we leverage what we currently have to get that outsized return? I think we’re all looking for that.” – Peter Kim

Key takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • Opportunities exist in distressed assets and available assets with a reduced cost basis.
  •  Carefully analyze deals based on cash flow and low-cost basis.
  • Exercise caution in investing until the end of the year or early next year to assess economic
  • Consider opportunities in the stock market and crypto markets.