Cutting Costs and Carbon: How Sustainability Boosts NOI



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Cutting Costs and Carbon: How Sustainability Boosts NOI

About this podcast

Join us as Owen shares his incredible journey, from spearheading clean technology initiatives in a Fortune 500 company to founding lumeo, a niche ESCO that reached eight figures in revenue. Discover how Owen’s passion for decarbonizing our economy led him to launch ZNE Capital, acquiring and partially decarbonizing $96M of multifamily properties in just three years.  In this episode, we discuss Rayven, the world’s first net-zero real estate investment platform, aiming to decarbonize the world, one apartment building at a time. Plus, discover how you can save money through tax credits and incentives while making a meaningful impact!


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Key takeaways

  1.  Sustainable property ratings and certifications – the major standards investors should know.
  2. Specific sustainability features that reduce operating expenses and improve NOI.
  3. How sustainability attracts and retains residents in multifamily properties.
  4.  Innovative technologies transforming energy and water efficiency in apartment buildings.
  5. Cost-effective retrofitting strategies for existing properties – investor priorities.
  6. The impact of sustainability on property values and returns, backed by data.
  7. How multifamily operators’ commitment to sustainability and ESG is evaluated – policies and reporting.