Family Offices in Multifamily


30 minutes

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Family Offices in Multifamily

About this podcast

Welcome to our latest episode, where we dive deep into the world of family offices and multifamily investments. Today, we are honored to have Ian Djuric, a distinguished leader with a prolific career in the waste management industry, who now oversees the Djuric Family Office’s expansive real estate portfolio and investment activities. Discover the strategic advantages of family offices, evaluation criteria for real estate opportunities, and insights into direct acquisitions versus joint ventures.

Key takeaways

  • Strategic Advantages of Family Offices: Family offices offer unique advantages, such as a long-term investment horizon, flexibility in investment decisions, and the ability to focus on legacy building rather than short-term gains.
  • Evaluation Criteria for Real Estate Opportunities: Ian Djuric likely shared insights into how family offices evaluate real estate opportunities. This may include factors such as location, market trends, potential for value appreciation, and alignment with the family’s overall investment strategy.
  • Insights into Direct Acquisitions vs. Joint Ventures: Listeners likely gained insights into the pros and cons of direct acquisitions and joint ventures in real estate. Direct acquisitions offer full control but require significant capital and expertise, while joint ventures can provide access to larger deals and expertise but require collaboration and shared decision-making.
  • Ian Djuric’s Career Transition: The episode likely covered Ian Djuric’s transition from the waste management industry to overseeing a family office’s real estate portfolio. His career journey and the lessons learned along the way could provide valuable insights for listeners interested in similar career transitions or industries.