The #1 Thing Holding Doctors Back: Featuring Peter Kim

May 24, 2023

32 minutes

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The #1 Thing Holding Doctors Back: Featuring Peter Kim

About this podcast

It’s easy to get caught up in a new deal or be sold the promise of massive returns – but what are the most important conversations investors need to have with their investment strategists to ensure that a deal doesn’t go sideways?

Chris Parrinello is the Director of Investor Relations with Viking Capital and he is in candid conversation with Ravi Gupta about the red flags that we need to look out for and the tough questions we need to ask before putting pen to paper on a new investment deal.

Understanding the risk upfront, ascertaining your salesperson’s honesty and transparency, and asking to be walked through the underwriting of your potential deal are just some of the hot tips you need to take into account when building a trusting relationship with your investment strategist.

Doing your own research is another piece of good advice. That starts here. Please join us.

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“We only have so much limited time, energy, and money. So, how do we leverage what we currently have to get that outsized return? I think we’re all looking for that.” – Peter Kim

Key takeaways

  • Liquidity and cash flow: Calculate your net worth and understand your liquidity and cash flow.
  • Consider your passive income goals: Set a modest and achievable goal of $20,000 a month in passive income.
  • Financial freedom through real estate investment: Achieving financial freedom through real estate investing is doable and doesn’t necessarily take as long as one might think.
  • And more!