How To Beat The Market 80% Of The Time With Roger Khoury

March 23 2023

53 minutes

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How To Beat The Market 80% Of The Time With Roger Khoury

About this podcast

Roger Khoury is the Founder and CEO of Market Forecasting Academy, and he is a market forecasting expert with over 20 years of experience. Years ago he discovered an inherent flaw in all market investment strategies: too much focus on price. He overcame that flaw with ‘Market Vulnerability Analysis™’ — an innovative methodology that incorporates all of the supply and demand movements of the market, that reduces risk and loss while enhancing performance.

Understanding how Roger’s ‘Demand Imbalance Arbitrage’ works, exactly, will provide you, a medical professional (with limited time to stay abreast of market movements), the perfect tool to control your portfolio and have a stress-free experience. The key lies in appreciating that demand is the key indicator that we need to pay attention to.

Host Nathan Loy illustrates how there is currently a mismatch between multifamily real estate investments and what the market is willing to pay for those communities. Roger’s insights will allow you to easily outperform the market while enjoying less risk, and staying well ahead of inflation. The compound interest of applying his formula is that you can replicate what you are doing and start enjoying — you guessed — more time freedom!

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“What we want are only the opportunities where the demand is significantly out of balance with price.” ~ Roger Khoury

Key takeaways

  • Demand Imbalance Arbitrage – the rubber band metaphor explanation
  • What it means to be making “peaceful profits”
  • The mismatch between sellers’ expectations and what the market is willing to pay for multifamily housing
  • Understanding day trading compared to what Roger does
  • How to protect your portfolio from double-digit crashes
  • Predicting the markets in the same way we forecast the weather
  • Evaluating where the market is unlikely to go
  • How to use Roger’s formula when you have limited time as a medical professional
  • Why the market cannot be manipulated beyond what it can bear
  • Roger’s focus on people’s well-being over profits
  • ‘It’s not the plane, it’s the pilot’ – Nathan references Top Gun
  • Roger’s Four Cs
  • And more!