How To Get Investors Interested In Syndication Deals With Reed Goossens

January 25 2023

50 minutes

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How To Get Investors Interested In Syndication Deals With Reed Goossens

About this podcast

Reed Goossens came to the US from Australia without knowing anyone and having no real estate experience. He first worked as an engineer and then started two multifamily syndication investment firms that together now have $650 million of US real estate.

He’s chatting with Nathan Loy and Colm McEvilly in this week’s episode of the Real Estate Investing for Medical Professionals podcast, teaching us all there is to know about adding value to a multifamily deal, as well as how to get investors excited about syndications.

Reed’s candor and affability as an Aussie immigrant make him easy to warm up to as he selflessly shares advice on real estate investing — from what he’s learned from his success in the US market.

When do you revitalize an old building? How do you calculate the rent for that area? What can you expect to save by buying in bulk, and then how do you prevent each apartment from looking the same?

These and other questions cut to the heart of the debate around real estate in 2023, and the answers are just a download away. Please join us!

Connect with Reed Goossens:

“The key is understanding what your skillset is that could be valuable to someone else in the space you want to get into. I don’t care what industry it is — it could be real estate — but you’re using a skillset to open a door, be valuable to someone else, learn from them, and then apply it in your own world.” ~ Reed Goossens

Key takeaways

  • Reed’s origin story as a non-native investor with a background in engineering
  • Why getting technical with the terms of the deal earns customer trust
  • How has personal branding and client-facing helped Reed improve his business
  • ‘Learning the ropes of rejection’ as a way to grow personally in your business
  • What tools can you use to pitch and raise capital
  • How to build a relationship of trust — and then ask for money
  • Why consistency helps you stand out from the competition
  • Reed’s formula for calculating a potential rental price in any given area
  • Where the cash flow market opportunities in 2023 are