High Resilience Opportunity Fund Webinar | Replay

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High Resilience Opportunity Fund Webinar | Replay

Viking Capital’s High-Yield Resilience Opportunity Fund (HYRO) collaborates with operators requiring additional capital for high-performing multifamily assets across the U.S. Through preferred equity investments, we mitigate risk and offer consistent cash flow. Our fund is designed for assets performing well but needing funds for purposes like rate caps, operating reserves, refinancing, and capital expenditures, thereby minimizing the need for capital calls. Viking Capital focuses on cash-flowing assets with strong financial operations, partnering to achieve investment objectives and high returns.

CEO Viking Capital: Vikram Raya

Vikram is a trained cardiologist and functional medicine physician. He is an international speaker, high-performance coach, and avid real estate investor. He has been active in multifamily real estate since 2015 and is a Founding Partner and CEO of Viking Capital Investments. As a real estate private equity firm, Viking Capital is approaching 5000 units and $720 Million of assets acquired.

Vikram has raised over $200 Million in private equity from high-net-worth individuals, doctors and other professionals around the country who want to achieve true wealth and diversify their income. Vikram was elected into the Forbes Business Council, and was Commemorated by US Congressman Tim Connolly and Don Beyer into Congressional Record for excellence in Entrepreneurship. He recently gave a keynote lecture at the CNN Headquarters in Atlanta with Dr. Mehmet Oz on entrepreneurship. He also is the recipient of the prestigious Outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award on Wall Street. Most recently, he’s made the Inc 5000 list of the fastest-growing private companies in the US.

Director of Investor Relations: Chris Parrinello

Viking Capital’s Director of Investor Relations. Assisted in the growth of Viking Capital and raising over $100M for Viking Capital acquisitions. Before Viking, he headed the Capital Markets for several other private equity firms contributing to over 2000 units and $300M capital raised. Chris has operated in markets such as California, Florida, and China.