A Decade of Inflation Ahead


32 minutes

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A Decade of Inflation Ahead

About this podcast

Join Viking Capital and guest Nic Deangelo the President of Saint Investment Group. Nic has honed his focus on the Real Estate and debt markets with Saint Investment Group and pursues large-scale Distressed Asset purchases with his partners and syndications. His past experience gives a new approach to Real Estate Asset Management and acquisition and allows him to draw from a wealth of experience to put together creative, high-return projects. Nic successfully built several multi-million dollar companies with successful exits. This allowed him to transition full-time into his passion of Real Estate Investment.

Today discuss the current economic climate, the potential for a decade of inflation and what that means for our investors.

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Key takeaways

-Discuss how his entrepreneurial experience translates into his real estate investment strategies and how health professionals can apply similar principles to their own financial ventures.

-Explore the potential of distressed asset purchases in the real estate market.

-Discuss innovative approaches and strategies that can help health professionals maximize their returns in the current market conditions.

-Explain the impact of inflation on investments and why it is important for high-income health professionals to be aware of this trend.