Investing with Kids


24 minutes

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Investing with Kids

About this podcast

Welcome to another exciting episode of “Real Estate Investing for Medical Professionals”! In this episode, we have a special guest, Doug Allan, Vice President of Finance at a prominent commercial real estate investment firm. Doug’s journey from earning his Bachelor of Commerce degree with honors and becoming a top-tier CPA to transitioning into the world of real estate development and investment is nothing short of inspiring.

Tune in as Doug shares his wealth of knowledge and experience in the financial world, and how medical professionals can leverage their income and career success to make informed real estate investment decisions. As a devoted father and advocate for financial literacy, Doug’s unique perspective sheds light on the importance of financial education, particularly for those who may not have pursued finance-related careers. Join us for an engaging conversation that will equip you with the tools to make informed investment choices and secure your financial future.

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Key takeaways

  1. Real-Life Stories Engage Young Minds: Practical examples and stories effectively illustrate investment concepts to children, making the subject more relatable and engaging. Real-life scenarios help kids understand the relevance and importance of investing.
  2. Balancing Consumption and Saving: Instilling principles of responsible spending habits in children is crucial. This teaches them to balance consumption with saving for long-term financial goals. Understanding the role of spending in investing helps kids make sound financial choices.
  3. Compound Interest and Starting Early: Teaching kids about compound interest is vital. Starting early allows their investments to grow significantly over time, giving them a considerable advantage in building wealth for their future.
  4. Selecting Age-Appropriate Investments: Various investment options are suitable for children, such as savings accounts, mutual funds, stocks, and bonds. Helping kids choose investments aligned with their financial goals is essential, considering their age and risk tolerance.
  5. Diversification and Risk Mitigation: Diversifying a child’s investment portfolio is crucial to spread risk. Teaching kids how to navigate market fluctuations and potential risks while providing strategies to mitigate those risks prepares them for the realities of investing.