Stress-Testing Real Estate Deals With Brandon Baksh

April 5 2023

43 minutes

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Stress-Testing Real Estate Deals With Brandon Baksh

About this podcast

What are the biggest challenges facing multifamily real estate investors? To understand the market from a debt perspective, today’s guest is Brandon Baksh – a partner at Dwight Capital.

Brandon has closed over $2.8 billion in FHA financing at Dwight Capital, one of the fastest-growing direct lenders with more than 100 employees. He’s offering valuable insight into the multifamily investment market, within the context of a challenging global economy.

Caution is the watchword for Brandon as he reminds us that everything is cyclical, as well as intertwined. What is happening in the world today is how we can view key drivers in the market.

From people leaving the city for the suburbs during the pandemic (and now returning) to increasing insurance premiums for properties affected by adverse weather in places such as Florida, a holistic outlook is needed when considering your next investment approach.

Brandon’s philosophical viewpoint strikes a balance between assuming the world is ending versus seeing things in too positive a light, which leaves us with a reminder to learn as much as we can about a deal that is on the table before making an investment. Please join us.

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 “We stress test everything in a significant way so that if things go awry there is a workable plan, and we’re not panicking.” ~ Brandon Baksh

Key takeaways

  • Brandon’s birds-eye view of the market and where he sees it headed
  • Understanding variable rate debt
  • The difference between what Brandon does versus an equity investor
  • What does ‘balance sheet bridge lending’ entail?
  • What is the HUD program? Understanding permanent fixed-rate financing
  • What does it take to offer a non-recourse loan?
  • How has underwriting multifamily real estate changed recently?
  • How does Brandon stress test a real estate deal?
  • Considering tax and insurance when assessing a deal
  • What are the biggest challenges facing multifamily real estate investors?
  • Understanding DSCR (Debt Service Coverage Ratio)
  • Unpacking Dwight Capital’s Rescue Fund
  • Where are the opportunities for multifamily investors?
  • How is fintech impacting the multifamily market?
  • What trends is Brandon seeing in the multifamily market?
  • Brandon’s advice on getting started as an investor
  • And more!