Types Of Lending Strategies With Joel Chetner

February 2 2023

53 minutes

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Types Of Lending Strategies With Joel Chetner

About this podcast

When will the debt markets stabilize? What are the market trends, and what interest rate hikes can we expect in 2023? Everything is updated in real-time, so how do you stay ahead of the game?

Markets are moving fast and the numbers on key indexes are constantly changing! If you work in private lending, you have a client looking for a deal and you’re sizing it to certain debt levels. The treasuries are moving, and that affects what lenders are willing and able to lend you on a certain deal. Learn all about deal-making from the other side of the table in this shrewd episode.

Joel Chetner works for Meridian Capital Group, which sources and deploys around $55 to $60 billion in debt annually. Joel is responsible for the origination and placement of loans across a broad array of property types, including multifamily, office, and retail.

Most importantly, he lives lending – day in and day out – and he’s chatting with Colm McEvilly, today’s host of Real Estate Investing For Medical Professionals to get an insider’s peek at the business and investment deals that make the world go round, as seen and understood from an expert lender.

From bridge lending to fixed interest rates to super hot markets in 2023, and the stress tests that lenders are requiring to test their deals, it’s all here in a fascinating insight into the world of lending at a time when the world markets are pretty uncertain.

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“The bank is the biggest investor in the deal. People don’t typically think of it that way, but they really are. I think the power of leverage is how we’re able to create so much value for the investors. Because when you’re borrowing 70% or 60% at 3% to 5% cost, and you’re trying to create a return profile for these investors that have a much more expensive cost of equity, that’s where you can really create the value.”
– Joel Chetner

Key takeaways

  • Seeing the bank as the biggest investor in the deal
  • Why the leverage in real estate is so attractive
  • What the major difference is between now and 2008
  • When the debt markets are projected to stabilize
  • Real estate is hyperlocal’ — what that means to you as an investor
  • What red flags you need to look out for with bridge lending
  • Creative, unique lending opportunities that are still presenting themselves
  • What stress tests lenders are implementing
  • How interest rate hikes will affect the deals we’re making today
  • Why markets hate uncertainty
  • Where you can learn about the capital markets