Newsletter April 2024

Newsletter April 2024

Viking Capital’s CEO, Vikram Raya, and our Director of Investor Relations, Chris Parrinello, attended the Best Ever Real Estate Conference in Utah last month and loved getting to see many of you!

Viking Capital is dedicated to investing time and resources for advanced education to ensure a thorough understanding of the economic and multifamily indicators that impact our investors.

Below are some of our investor insights from the conference:

  • Persistent undersupply: The U.S. housing market continues to face a supply shortage, with less than a two-month supply of resale inventory nationwide. Builders, especially larger public companies, are stepping in to help address this issue.
  • Affordability challenges: Many metropolitan areas are grappling with affordability concerns as incomes struggle to keep pace with rising home prices. Builders are implementing creative incentives and focusing on buyers’ monthly payments to mitigate this challenge.
  • Demographics and housing demand: Household formations initially declined during the COVID-19 pandemic but are now rebounding. The 70+ and 25–54 age groups are expected to be key drivers of housing demand in the future.


We will be in Austin this month and would love to meet with you!

Only have 20 minutes? That’s ok! He’s happy to meet for a quick coffee and chat.

Dates available for a face-to-face meeting:

or May 16th and 17th

As always, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to our Investor Relations Team.

Onward & Upward,

How this impacts investors:

  • Now is a better time than ever for Viking Capital to acquire properties at a lower cost basis, providing stronger exit returns to our investors.
  • As Viking Capital scours the nation for deals with the strongest returns for our investors, our conservative underwriting and value add appreciation ensure favorable outcomes. As we prognosticate into the future of 2028, 2029, and beyond, if rates finally come down and transactional volume grows, leading to much-anticipated cap rate compression, we will see an environment where returns exceed expectations.
  • Once the Fed decreases rates, we expect to see transaction volume increase again.

Join Viking Capital’s latest podcast episode with Dr. Jim Dahl, Founder of White Coat Investor, and esteemed emergency doctor.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Tailored Strategies: Essential principles and strategies customized for medical professionals entering the real estate market.
  • Passive Income Opportunities: How Jim Dahl has used passive investing to reduce the number of hours he works in the emergency room, while also having the time freedom to enjoy his children, go on vacations, and grow his educational platform.


Viking Capital is proud to have never done any capital calls or lost a single investor dollar.

Current portfolio performance:

  • 28 units undergoing renovation for March
  • 92.96% average occupancy across the entire portfolio
  • NOI of over $2 million in March

ATTENTION Viking Capital Investors!

We’re thrilled to unveil our first Investor State of the Union.

Stay tuned for an exclusive update from Vikram and Ravi, delving into our current portfolio and seamlessly transitioning into quarterly town halls featuring our Director of Investor Relations and Director of Asset Management.

Keep an eye out for the first-ever State of the Union, coming to your inbox by the end of May!  Don’t miss it!

The Federal Reserve maintained its key interest rate unchanged in its fifth consecutive meeting on Wednesday, awaiting further data before considering rate cuts.

What this means for Viking Capital:

  • The economy remains strong, providing decreased vacancies across the Viking portfolio.
  • Lower transactional competition in multifamily due to high interest rates- giving Viking Capital’s latest deals ideal cost basis and strong returns to our investors.
  • Now is the time to buy, with a plan to exit when pricing is high and interest rates are low.

Viking Capital is pleased to announce our latest Investor Perk: The Investor Toolbox – the one-stop destination for all of your investor resources and education.

In just one location, find all of the crucial updates on new deal alerts, latest articles, webinar replays, new courses, ebooks, market reports and even a risk assessment tool!

Stay informed, stay ahead – dive in now!