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Mistakes Made in Multifamily

In this episode, we delve into the 5 common mistakes people make when investing in multifamily properties. From poor cash flow to inadequate market research, we dissect the pitfalls to help you make informed decisions. Discover the key strategies that transform multifamily real estate into a bulletproof investment, including factors

A Decade of Inflation Ahead

Join Viking Capital and guest Nic Deangelo the President of Saint Investment Group. Nic has honed his focus on the Real Estate and debt markets with Saint Investment Group and pursues large-scale Distressed Asset purchases with his partners and syndications. His past experience gives a new approach to Real Estate

Today we are joined by Judah Fuld. Judah leads Viking Capital’s Acquisitions team, sourcing new investment opportunities and underwriting each deal to select only the most advantageous and risk-adjusted investments. Strategic Deal Sourcing: Judah Fuld highlights the importance of a strategic approach to deal sourcing. Viking Capital’s Acquisitions team focuses

Welcome to our latest podcast episode, where we’re diving deep into the realm of multifamily asset classes and uncovering why diversification matters in this dynamic space. Starting with an introduction to multifamily assets, we’ll explain how diversification plays a pivotal role in crafting a robust wealth-building strategy. Join us as

Blast Debt in Record Time

Through the use of The Shred Method, Adam Carroll paid off his home in record time saving over $180,000 in interest in the process. He’s sharing this strategy with the world in order to help people ‘free themselves to be themselves’. Adam has published four books, produced an award-winning documentary

From Medicine to Multifamily

In this episode, Vikram talks about his transition from life as a practicing cardiologist to a full-time syndicator. He also warns against allowing your profession to become your personality, lessons he learned from bad syndication partnerships, and why you should stop leaning on agencies for your marketing and branding needs.