We are so excited to be entering Quarter 2 of the year with a fresh deal under contract all the while sharing new information, tips, and deals with you, our community of driven passive investors. What new personal or financial goals have you set for Q2?

Maybe to save 1% more than you did last quarter in your retirement savings? Maybe you set a goal to finally complete your 2020 taxes once and for all? Or maybe it was to spend more time with friends and loved ones as the weather continues to edge toward summer?

Jay Shetty, author, former monk, and purpose coach, put it best…

Don’t be afraid of new beginnings, from new people, new energy, new surroundings, and new challenges. Embrace new chances at happiness.”

Here at Viking Capital, we are continuing to navigate the ever-changing course of the pandemic and excited to see that vaccinations-for-all is a reality! As always, our primary focus is on YOU – our investors, as well as our residents in all of our apartment communities.

Our 2021 goals include continuing to better serve you, working hard to preserve the capital you’ve invested with us, executing on the business plans for our various investments and growing the Viking Capital team.

So, what are your 2021 goals?

Are you on track to achieve them this year? What can we do to help? Reply to this email and let us know – we would love to hear from you.

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Viking Capital Deal Alert!



Viking Capital is pleased to present to you our latest multifamily investment opportunity, 23Thirty Cobb!

Dynamic Cobb County Location with Proven Value Add Upside

One Mile to Truist Braves Baseball Stadium and The Battery Atlanta

Highlights of The Deal:

The Property: Positioned in the most attractive market in the southeast,

23Thirty Cobb is a 1986-built garden style apartment community. This 222-unit B+ institutional quality asset is located in Atlanta’s Platinum Triangle/Galleria submarket and is anchored by the I-75/I-285 interchange.

Outstanding Performance: Despite the pandemic, 23Thirty Cobb’s performance has been extremely impressive — occupancy averaged 95% during interior renovations, and currently stands at 97%.


05/04 – Investment Packet Released / Investment Opens

05/05 – Investor Webinar Tuesday, May 5th at 7:00PM EST/6:00PM

PST [Register Here]

05/10 – Investor PPM Release

06/04 – Funding Deadline

06/14 – Expected Close

We are offering investors a two-tiered investment structure for this deal:

 Class A Limited Partners: $100,000 total minimum investment, will receive a 10% preferred return paid monthly.

 Class B Limited Partners: $50,000 total minimum investment, will receive a 7% preferred return paid monthly and participate in a 70/30 profit split thereafter.

Class A Limited Partners

Annualized Return: 10%

Average CoC: 10%

Equity Multiple: 1.5x

Class B Limited Partners

Annualized Return: 16% – 18%

Annualized IRR: 14% – 15%

Cash on Cash (Average): 8%

Equity Multiple: 1.8x

Max Investment: $1,000,000 Minimum Investment:

Class A Limited Partners: $100,000 minimum total investment

Class B Limited Partners: $50,000 minimum investment

**This 506(c) deal is a first come, first serve opportunity and is open to accredited investors only. The numbers presented are projections; actual numbers are dependent on asset performance.



2021 Atlanta Real Estate Market Investing Forecast

Most real estate investing experts consistently put Atlanta on a top 10 list for best cities in the United States to invest in real estate, and it looks like Atlanta will keep that status for 2021.

Some of the factors that make Atlanta such a great place for real estate investors: the low price of entry, consistent and steady population growth and a healthy job market that includes many financial and tech-based companies.

The recovery from the coronavirus is headed in the right direction in Atlanta. Because of Atlanta’s diverse economy, many employment sectors were able to remain in business by having employees work from home — more than 25% of Atlanta jobs are in the financial, information, and professional services sector making work flexibility possible.

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Who Not How: The Formula to Achieve

Bigger Goals Through Accelerating Teamwork

Dan Sullivan is founder and president of The Strategic Coach Inc. A visionary, an innovator, and a gifted conceptual thinker, Dan has over 40 years’ experience as a highly regarded speaker, consultant, strategic planner, and coach to entrepreneurial individuals and groups.

Who Not How will skyrocket your success, happiness, and fulfillment in all areas of your life by identifying why you’re looking at your problems the wrong way and how simply seeking to get the right people to help you can make all the difference.

The Formula to Achieve Bigger Goals

  1. Benefit #1 — More Time. When you’re no longer trying to figure out how to cram more tasks in to your day, you’ll have more time to spend on what you’re good at and less time spent on marginal skills where you’re NOT uniquely gifted.
  2. Benefit #2 — More Money. When you start enlisting other “Whos” to work towards your goals, you’ll be less distracted, and spend less time on nonproductive activities. The end result will be more bandwidth to apply to what you’re good at, which will help make you more money.
  3. Benefit #3 — Better Relationships. Once you start delegating, collaborating, and using more strategic partners, you’ll often find mentors to work with who can help you get to the next level. You’ll feel more confident because you’ll know that you’re working with more capable people. World-class collaborators can take you, your products and your services to places you could never previously imagine.
  4. Benefit #4 — Greater Sense of Purpose. When you’re no longer bogged down doing stuff you’re not that great at, you can apply more time, energy, and resources to making an impact as you see fit. You can imagine new goals and make them happen, because you’ll have more confidence and bigger vision.

You can pursue your dreams, and spend less time spinning your wheels.  Instead of growing your own to-do list, start thinking about partnerships and strategic alliances.

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