As an accredited investor, there are more doors open to you to start creating a wealth-building portfolio through access to higher-level funds and start-up options. At the same time, this presents its own challenges. With so many options, some investors are left with a paradox of choice.

Indeed, a wealth-building portfolio wouldn’t be complete without real estate assets, but there are so many real estate funds to choose from in this world!

A good start is multifamily real estate investing due to its diversification and historical outperformance of the stock market. However, investing in an investor-focused fund or asset management company focusing on capital preservation is an even better start. Because of this, we’re diving into the Viking Wealth Fund and why accredited investors should consider it at the top of their list regarding real estate investment.

The Three Pillars Of Investing In The Viking Wealth Fund

While there are many real estate funds and syndications to choose from, the Viking Wealth Fund has established an approach that sets it apart from other funds on the market. So if you’re wondering, “why invest in multifamily real estate,” these are some of the best reasons!

We Prioritize Capital Preservation

As physicians, we understand the significance of hard-earned money from a high-level and sometimes challenging career. Due to this, capital preservation sits high and is a critical factor in our investment strategy and approach to the market.

We factor in conservative investments across a diversified spread to prevent losses to our investors and minimize risk. This is done by focusing on Class A and B properties (minimal risk asset classes) in well-researched cities showing solid demographics and job market numbers. With Viking Capital, investors will be happy to know their money is in an investment traditionally less volatile than the stock market.

We Care For Our Investors

Our investors are at the center of everything we do. Because of this, we help them build their portfolios by offering different class types and geographical locations.

In addition, we continue researching and buying quality assets within the Sunbelt region, and all investors are permitted to increase their commitment level throughout the fund’s or asset’s lifetime.


Finally, every aspect of the fund has been considered through an investor-first mindset, meaning there are additional opportunities such as tax benefits and increased exposure to upside factored into the fund.

Purpose-Driven vs. Impact-Driven Investment 

Viking Capital is purpose-driven, focusing on the community with our investors and residents of our multifamily properties. We prioritize fostering social change and creating value for our investors (yes, it is possible to do both!).

One of our underlying goals is to improve renter communities and environments by investing in upgrades and renovations to our multifamily apartments. This also allows for rental increases on the assets. Finally, we give back to the community through several charities that support families through housing, literacy, and other social programs.

A Structure That Pays Off For Investors

At the end of the day, you invest in a real estate fund because you want to see some return on your investment or, at the very least, not lose everything!

That’s why the Viking Fund is structured to ensure investors’ risks are minimized. This is achieved through two fundamental strategies:

  1. The fund is spread across multiple markets, meaning a diversified portfolio with exposure to the upside.
  2. The corporate structure of the fund means that limited partners (investors) have the opportunity to invest in the fund entity, which serves as the holding company for the properties within the fund. Meaning investors have ownership over the assets held.

We’ve worked hard to create a structure with the right experts on the team to ensure investors have an excellent experience!

Our People

The team behind the fund is the backbone and bears the responsibility for the financial success of the fund.

Because of this, we lead a diverse team of residential rental property specialists. As a result, investors can expect a team of experienced and honest professionals to be with them every step.

  • We have a team of top-level experts with MBAs in finance and CPA backgrounds.
  • We have lawyers on our team.
  • We have experienced construction specialists.
  • We have customer service specialists.
  • We have real estate experts.
  • We are deeply investor-centric.

Accredited investors looking for an ideal way to invest will have to search hard to find a similar structure and group of people with the same track record of success!

The Benefits of Multifamily Real Estate

So, why does Viking Capital focus on multifamily real estate investing? For the last 30 years, real estate has outperformed the S&P 500. It’s an investment that is also highly regarded for being inflation-proof.


Some of the benefits of investing with Viking Capital over the stock market and other investment opportunities include:

  • Lower Volatility: Investors experience accelerated yet steady returns through our specialist investment strategy and experience (we’ve focused on one asset within the market for the last seven years).
  • Diversification: We focus on both asset and geographical diversification in the fund.
  • Tax benefits: We structure our fund to offer the possibility of tax benefits through depreciation and cost segregation meaning you’ll be happier at tax time.
  • Increased exposure to upside: Due to the structure of the fund, investors receive profits from the sale of a property within the fund, which, thanks to appreciation, could have grown in value over the life of the fund.

We’ve combined the best aspects of multifamily investments with a structure that creates a truly passive and profitable experience for real estate investors!

Better Targeted Returns Than Other Investment Strategies

Thanks to multifamily real estate, investors can enjoy a range of options matching their appetite for risk balanced against their desired investment outcomes.

Within the Viking Fund, this is achieved with:

  • A three-tiered return structure gives investors options for where to place their capital.
  • Investors can invest in either Class A, Class B Reserve class, or a combination of Class and Class B assets.
  • Diversifying in both A and B allows for a risk-adjusted, blended return.

No matter the level you choose to invest, you’ll be pleased with the returns!

An Accredited Investor Can Build Significant Wealth with Viking Capital

While we might not be your typical multifamily real estate fund or asset management group, we believe that our investor-focused approach is the best way to build generational wealth for busy physicians and professionals who have reached accredited investor status. Our experience, community-building philosophy, and world-class team make us an unbeatable option for real estate investors.

If you’re ready to invest in a top-level real estate fund or want to learn more about the process, reach out to a team member today!

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August 22, 2022