When Viking Capital was founded, we stepped into the syndication/multifamily world with eagerness and a common goal, to share the wealth in a monetized and educational sense, and so that other physicians and professionals alike could grow their portfolio, build generational wealth and live life on their terms.

We are proud to share that we have done just that and more here in 2021. We have grown our internal team base from 4 to 8, we have continued to build great relationships with brokers and our partnered property management team, First Communities, and have been able to bring you three premiere acquisitions so far this year.

Thomas Watson, Sr., former CEO of IBM, put it best…

“To be successful, you have to have your heart in your business, and your business in your heart.”

What goals have you reached so far this year? Are you on track with all you sought forth to accomplish from January 1st 2021? We would live to hear from you!

Here at Viking Capital, we are continuing to navigate the ever-changing course of the pandemic and excited to see that vaccinations-for-all is a reality! As always, our primary focus is on YOU – our investors, as well as our residents in all of our apartment communities.

Onward and upward,

US Apartment Price Growth  Takes the Lead in May


Another month has passed and all property types continue to see positive growth. Apartments have overtaken the industrial as the fastest-growing sector, growing

10.1% and 9.5%, respectively.

All real estate assets are showing growth – click below to see the different growth rates between commercial assets.




Invest Slots Still Available in Our Latest Multifamily Opportunity, MainStreet Village! Why We Love This Deal

The Property: MainStreet Village is a 2000’s built apartment community in one of the most affluent areas in Northern Indiana. The previous owner has demonstrated the ability to increase rents through unit upgrades, at the same time that the asset’s current rental rates remain below nearby competition.

Many key employers are located just a short distance from the asset, including the prestigious University of Notre Dame, and Saint Josephs’, a 300-bed tertiary hospital with 2,500+ employees. South Bend is the most affluent area in the region with the highest single-family home values in St. Joseph County, also touting 56% of households with median incomes over $150,000.

South Bend’s Strengths: South Bend has unmistakable momentum as it prepares its economy for the digital age. The University of Notre Dame brings stability with an educated population base, while the South Bend’s rental market offers an incredible 10-year upward occupancy trend and 95% average occupancy for the past 3 years.

Outstanding Performance: The current residents at MainStreet Village are mostly young professionals with an average household income of $86k+ per year. Despite the pandemic, MainStreet Village’s performance has been impressive — occupancy currently stands at 97%. The previous owner has renovated 170 units to varying levels to achieve an average premium of $160, with some premiums as high as $350. Upgrading the remaining 305 units will allow Viking to continue to grow revenue significantly.



Beyond Medicine Podcast


Viking Capital co-founder and COO, Ravi Gupta MD, joined the Beyond Medicine Podcast and Rami Wehbi to discuss the financial flexibility that investments yield, and how this flexibility has allowed him the freedom to practice medicine on his own terms.

Alongside his real estate work, Dr. Gupta works part-time as a hospital medicine physician in the Washington metropolitan area. He is also opening his own online practice in functional medicine, the medicine of health and well-being.



Global Investors Podcast


Viking Capital co-founder and CEO, Vikram Raya MD, joined the Global Investors

Podcast and host Charles Carillo to discuss achieving true freedom through real estate.

This podcast focus on helping foreign investors enter the lucrative US real estate market.

Host, Charles Carillo, combined decades of real estate investing experience with a professional background in international banking to interview experts in all areas of US real estate investing.

Along with being an Active CEO of Viking, Vikram also works as an owner of a functional medicine wellness clinic, Vitalogy – helping hundreds combate their help issues from weight lose, to heart disease.



‘Not a Market For Amateurs.’  Most South Bend area houses are selling in 10 days or less


“The type of real estate market that was seemingly reserved for one of the coasts or some booming metropolis has likely now spread to your neighborhood.

Houses that might have taken a couple of months to sell only a few years ago are now being snapped up in days — or even hours — as buyers are anxious to take advantage of historically low mortgage rates at the same time there’s a tight supply of houses.

It’s a phenomenon that’s occurring across most of the country, including the Michiana region where the median sales price for some homes has jumped by double-digit percentages in the first four months of this year compared to the same time last year.”

As you can imagine, South Bend is not the only city experiencing this high of demand for homes…



Richer, Wiser, Happier by William Green


Join the Viking Capital team for July’s book of the month – Richer, Wiser, Happier.

William Green shares: “hundreds of hours of exclusive interviews with many of the world’s super-investors to demonstrate that the keys for building wealth hold other life lessons as well.

Billionaire investors. If we think of them, it’s with a mixture of awe and suspicion. Clearly, they possess a kind of genius—the proverbial Midas Touch. But are the skills they possess transferable? And do they have anything to teach us besides making money?”

Are you ready to learn their secrets? Get your copy below. Let us know what you take away from William’s insights!