Hello September! We hope you’ve had an amazing Labor Day weekend and took the time to recharge and re-calibrate to finish Q3 with full force!

As we close out the third quarter of the year, we are deeply grateful for such an eventful month of August. With our official close on our latest acquisition, MainStreet Village, this is Viking’s 1st acquisition in South Bend, Indiana and our largest asset acquired to date at $76 Million!

In addition, Viking Capital is pleased and ecstatic to announce our very first ever Multifamily Immersion Event in Atlanta! This premiere event will provide a fully immersive, LIVE, and online experience, with all the tools and information necessary to build your own multifamily syndication from the ground up.

We’re bringing in industry experts and the top nation known syndicators to teach YOU key aspects of the multifamily syndication realm such as:

Maximizing your broker relationships

Structuring a bullet-proof business with the proper entity-structuring

Behind-the-scenes acquisitions, management, and scaling strategies of

9-figure multifamily owners

Raising an unlimited amount of capital to fund your deals

A LIVE Deal-tank where they vet YOUR very own deal

and much, MUCH more!

Right NOW we are offering an early bird special up to 72% OFF!

You heard us right! You can now attend this event virtually for only $97 TOTAL. For the in-person early bird special right NOW you can attend this event in Atlanta for only $997!  

That’s a $15k value for the in-person ticket – Don’t sleep on this early bird exclusive offer! You’re ONE connection away…


We look forward to this month of growth and ever-green experiences.

Bryant McGill, American Activist, put it best…

“Whatever makes you uncomfortable is your biggest opportunity for growth”

Here at Viking Capital, we are continuing to navigate the ever-changing course of the pandemic and excited to see that vaccinations-for-all is a reality! As always, our primary focus is on YOU – our investors, as well as our residents in all of our apartment communities.

Onward and upward,


5   Things Every New Investor Should Do Before Investing In A Syndication


When you first begin to consider real estate syndication as an investment option, it can feel lonely, intimidating, or even like you’re going in blindfolded.

I personally experienced fears around investing in a real estate investment property I’d never seen, concern about how I’d get my money back, and doubt around the inability to log into an account and see my money.

These fears were addressed head-on through research. Every article I read and every conversation I had built my certainty until I began to feel confident toward taking the plunge.

If you’re considering your first real estate syndication and feeling hesitant, I recommend doing your research, connecting with other real estate investors, reading through previous deals, and taking your time.



U.S. Apartment Demand Sets Quarterly Record


Renter demand for U.S. apartments soared to an unprecedented level in the 2nd quarter of 2021. The number of occupied apartments in the nation’s 150 largest metros climbed by 219,909 units, the biggest quarterly increase seen in the RealPage, Inc. database that goes back to the early 1990s.

Illustrating just how drastically the world has changed over the past year, demand for apartments in the 2nd quarter of 2020 was limited to roughly 33,000 units, given that most households were in lockdown mode at that time.

Want to see which markets are experiencing booming apartment demand?



Success Leaves Clues and Failure Gives You Feedback

Not every property is a great one. Every investment in real estate isn’t perfect. In this episode of Real Estate (Un)Success Stories, Vikram unveils his lessons learned throughout his entrepreneurial journey.

From the golden handcuffs of being a cardiologist to the dubious pitfalls he faced in the early Viking Capital days, Vikram shares some golden nuggets on how he used these setbacks to catapult him and Viking Capital into becoming one of the top syndicators in the nation!



Fed Balance Sheet at All-Time Highs…Again!

As Powell continues to hammer down on the printing press, the Fed balance sheet continues to expand, bringing it to a record high of $8.35 Trillion!!

Just a friendly reminder that as more and more dollars are printed, the inflation of the dollar continues. This is yet another reason why Real Estate plays a huge role as a hedge against the debasement of the dollar.


Book of the Month

David Schwartz an American motivational writer and coach, best known for authoring The Magic of Thinking Big in 1959. He was a professor of marketing, chairman of the department, and Chair of Consumer Finance at Georgia State University. We can not express how life changing this book has been for many of us from excuse-itus to retraining how we think. Below are some great excerpts from the book

  • Think success, don’t think failure. At work, in your home, substitute success thinking for failure thinking. When you face a difficult situation, think, “I’ll win,” not “I’ll probably lose.”
  • Never underestimate your own intelligence, and never overestimate the intelligence of others. Don’t sell yourself short. Concentrate on your assets. Discover your superior talents. Remember, it’s not how many brains you’ve got that matters.
  • Think, “I can do better.” The best is not unattainable. There is room for doing everything better. Nothing in this world is being done as well as it could be. And when you think, “I can do better,” ways to do better will appear.

If you’re looking to build a successful company then you need to focus on thinking BIG. Even though this is a fifty-year-old book the advice in this book is second to none. The fact is, this is an excellent book that most entrepreneurs haven’t read.