Replay Our Webinar: Environmental, Social, And Governance: ESG Truth Or Tale?

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Replay Our Webinar: Environmental, Social, And Governance: ESG Truth Or Tale?

Join us as we explore the fascinating world of ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing! Discover if ESG initiatives are fact or fiction and whether they are profit or value-driven. Measure the impact of ESG and see why it’s gaining popularity among investors who consider a company’s environmental and social impact in addition to financial performance. Our panel of diverse experts, including Viking Capital’s COO and Co-Founder, Dr. Ravi Gupta, dive into how ESG affects a company’s focus and actions. Learn about the benefits Viking has witnessed through implementing ESG throughout its own portfolio and why there are still major concerns surrounding ESG’s viability. Dive into the scope of ESG, its relevance to investment goals, and the strategies being utilized to integrate ESG considerations into investment processes. By adopting the best practices of ESG investing, you can make informed decisions that take into account a company’s broader impact beyond just financial returns. Don’t miss out on exploring the evolving landscape of ESG investing and its potential to drive positive change for a more sustainable future.

Ravi Gupta, MD

Ravi Gupta, MD is COO and co-founder / managing partner of Viking Capital Investments, a boutique multifamily investment company, a proud father of two, a physician, and a Philanthropist and Environmentalist. He has helped numerous physicians break free from their “golden handcuffs” by creating passive income streams through multifamily syndication investments so they can enjoy financial freedom by growing their wealth and live a life focused on their passions.

Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy has 10+ years of experience as a lead web developer with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. Jeremy is responsible for hosting digital events, managing the website and onboarding new technological solutions for FLAIA members and community. He has previous experience in state level government legislative policies where he partook on various consulting projects for state elected officials on new/emerging technology.