How Underwriting Supercharges Investor Returns

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How Underwriting Supercharges Investor Returns

Gain invaluable insights into real estate investment with Judah & Nathan in this mini- webinar. Explore underwriting’s pivotal role in guiding decisions, mitigating risks, and maximizing returns. Discover how Viking’s success hinges on creating value beyond market trends. Whether you’re a passive or active investor, learn to evaluate property health, revenue projections, and expenses. Uncover the blueprint for informed investing, leveraging their expertise to navigate the dynamic real estate landscape.

VP of Acquisitions - Judah Fuld

Judah leads Viking Capital’s Acquisitions team, sourcing new investment opportunities and underwriting each deal to select only the most advantageous and risk adjusted investments. Judah, an attorney, came to Viking Capital from Eastern Equity Advisors where he led underwriting and identified private equity sources prepared to participate in real estate transactions nationwide and across asset classes. Beforehand, Judah spearheaded origination and underwriting for an investment sales firm specializing in retail assets, where he also helped expand the company’s territory. Prior to that, Mr. Fuld practiced as an attorney, providing counsel on various types of real estate matters to regional developers, retailers, corporations and institutions.

Director of Strategy - Nathan Loy

Nathan Loy is a dynamic real estate leader with over 12 years of experience spanning commercial brokerage, investment analysis, acquisitions, and strategic planning. He began his real estate career in the hustle-and-bustle world of commercial real estate, brokering office space as a tenant-representative. He has a client-centric approach with an ability to connect, understand client needs, and go above and beyond to excel the client-experience. Seeking new challenges, Nathan then transitioned into residential fix-and-flips, learning the ins and outs of property renovation.

Eager to combine his interpersonal skills with large-scale real estate endeavors, he soon transitioned full-time into multifamily investments and acquisitions. He gained invaluable operational experience working in onsite property management with a large REIT, Camden Property Trust. Having excelled at property management, he soon realized his true passion for the ownership and investment side of the business and transitioned into Viking Capital. 

Nathan started at Viking Capital in 2019 as an underwriter, leveraging his analytical abilities to evaluate investment opportunities. He quickly moved up to Senior Analyst, managing an acquisitions team, overseeing the entire acquisitions pipeline and closing on more than $416M in real estate transactions. In his current role as Director of Strategic Planning, Nathan taps into his relationship-building talents and big-pictu